Singapore Night Walk No.4: Traveleisure - Jewel Changi at Dawn (* Free Access to L5d Canopy Park *)

What is this?:
A walk organized by a group of lighting professionals who are passionate about raising awareness on our present lighting environment.

Area Synopsis:
Strategically located in the heart of Singapore Changi Airport, Jewel Changi Airport is envisaged to be a world-class multi-dimensional lifestyle destination that comprises a myriad range of offering including gardens and attractions, retail and dining offerings, a hotel and facilities for airport operations. The balance of daylight and the use of light fixtures is well thought thoughout the complex, and in the evening, expressions of light are still gradually changing as time slips by, for a full 24-hours of pre-set lighting operations.

What will we be doing?:
Given a chance to experience Jewel in the quiet wee hours of the morning, we will experience what is underneath the hustle and bustle whilst enjoying the transitions that lead to the beautiful sunrise. Discussions about the lighting design will take place over breakfast in the forest valley!
(We will be getting a free access to L5d Canopy Park for this event. so don't miss your chance!)

Who to attend:
People who are interested in examining lighting and want to be part of the active dialogue of what contributes to a good lighting environment. We welcome people from all walks of life to participate in this walk.

Prior experience of Jewel lighting show during nighttime by yourself (anytime during 7pm to 12 am)

Area covered:

Location: Jewel Changi Airport
Date: Friday 19th July 2019
Time: 5:30am-7:30am
Meeting point: L1 Rain Vortex

What to bring: Yourself, a camera (camera phones are sufficient), note-taking materials and your own breakfast!!
Number of spaces: 15-20
Fee: Free (registration is on a first-come-first-served basis)


About the Lighting Detectives: The Lighting Detectives is a non-profit group founded in 1990, dedicated to the study of lighting culture through practical methods, mainly by engaging in fieldwork. Cities throughout the world are filled with light. With rapidly developing economies in the 21st century, our society becomes brighter and brighter, which makes the night safe and provides a highly energy-efficient lighting environment. However, terms such as “light pollution” and “loud lights” are now used to describe the lit environment. Has this increase in light actually provided us with more pleasant nights?

We go to places where light is found and observe, detect, and gather experiences to understand lighting on a deeper level. We leave our books behind and go out into the streets where physical examples of lighting are found. Natural light teaches us many wondrous ideas/techniques, and from street lighting, we learn the reality of the properties of light. With new discoveries, we continue to feel both excitement and anger. This feeling led to the emergence of a curious group called The Lighting Detectives.

Please visit our website for more information: http://shomei-tanteidan.org/

The Search for Heroes and Villains - the Pleasure of Night Walks: We go out into the city and closely examine the light environment as it is. Observation is extremely important to the Lighting Detectives precisely because theory alone does not provide a sufficient basis for the discussion of the light environment. When one beings to study activities as a Lighting Detective, one realises that opposite values coexist in today's light environment. there is both "heroic light" that affects us profoundly and "criminal light" that should evoke indignation and censure.

the mission of the Lighting Detectives is to search for a better relationship between humanity and light by praising heroes and censuring villains. However, there is a fine line separating entities. A hero to some may be seen as a villain to others. It all depends on the age, sex and nationality of the observer and the period in which the observation is made.

We go to places where light is found and observe, detect, and gather experiences to understand lighting on a deeper level. We leave our books behind and go out into the streets where physical examples of lighting are found.
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Fri Jul 19, 2019
5:30 AM - 7:30 AM SGT
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